Carers Association
Carers Bill of Rights

1/ Full Allowances for Carers ,whether in receipt of the State Pension or not.

2/ Free from any form of Tax Assessment as with DLA and PIPS.

3/ Respite and or free Sitting Service to give Carers a break.

4/ All Child Carers to be supported with same as older Carers , except that instead of payment ,Care credits provided towards further studying as with College or University placements ,which makes deductions against costs for the period they cared for their loved ones.

5/ Free Sitting service for those they normally care for, while they study at home . 

6/ Once they go to College / University for studies ,their loved ones much receive a full care package in their absence.

7/ Where a Carer at home full time is required ,a more lenient assessment for Motability acceptance must be in place, as if the Cared for and over 65 ,they currently do not qualify for high rate ,including Mobility Allowance . This would then allow the Carer to be provided with transport to assist them with shopping and mobility issues those cared for may have.

 A Message from our Founder

 Mandy Bayliffe

Mandy Bayliffe

"I have come to realise the courage and determination shown by carers and families   every hour of every day.

  I would like to offer all
  disabled people, their carers and families, the holiday, respite, support and advice they  deserve"
  Mandy's ambition was to see this in operation
  within her lifetime.
  Regrettably she died on August 28th 1994 before her dreams could be fulfilled.

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